EDUC360 ° impacting lives and changing stories
Democratization of access to education and training focused on new technologies. We believe that with the applications of the Educ360 ° journey and pillars, we can achieve a higher level of education and, consequently, we can generate social impact.


Through Jornada Educ360° – a method anchored in teaching models that seeks to develop, apply and democratize access to high quality educational content with the support of new technologies – we believe that we can generate social impact and ensure equal opportunities and potential for the public served.


Applying technology and educational content in low-income educational institutions and NGOs that have difficulties of access. These actions have had an impact on communities of social vulnerability and also increasing the level of learning, as support to the education system.


Design Thinking, Lean Thinking and Agile Methodology, applied pillars focusing on the corporate market, create environments and concepts in which it is possible to make a difference. An intentional process to achieve new and relevant solutions that create positive impact, promoting collaborative awareness, empathy, multidisciplinarity and self-management.


The actions and training of Educ360° aim at developing skills directly related to the professions of the future. We work with both Hard Skills (technical skills) and Soft Skills (behavioral skills). Continuous learning is among the most valued qualities in the Blended Learning concept, with content in the EAD model as support to on-site laboratories, conducted with classes and dynamics and strengthening the concepts and methodologies applied by the Educ360° DNA: providing and democratizing access, increasing the radius of action and generating greater social impact.

our products

Educ 360 academy

Educ360 Training provides training that promotes the application of best practices and enhances the potential of the teams trained by the journey and its pillars. With a new approach and practical actions we have been achieving impressive results in the understanding of the content taught. In constant evolutionary adaptation, as required by new concepts, we continue on the mission of generating social impact, also by applying the content and expertise acquired in the fields we act.

Companies that hire this product are also part of this system, because each professional we train, we apply the same sytem to another attendee in areas of social vulnerability, where Instituto Educ 360 performs.

EDUC 360 EAD – Distance Learning Education

Strengthening the concepts and methodologies applied in Distance Learning Education with the same content and quality offered in our labs, where every experience generates a response according to the content taught. Use of apps in order to improve learning in classes with Design thinking,

Lean Thinking and Agile Methodology working both hard skills (technical skills) and Soft skills (behavioral skills).

With access to Educ360 ° EAD portal, we have increased the scope of action and the social impact generated, with remote classes and instructors focused on the wide range of possibilities. Relevant classes to the Journey propose Logic, programming and games putting into practice concepts of other features required by the market.

Transform lives and impact stories with new connections, in order to reach more lives and generate more social impact. Join us to be part of this mission.
Our Actions


Educ360° Journey and its Social Impact

Democratization of access to education and new technologies, increasing the level of learning in communities of social vulnerability.

APAE Cotia Connection

With the connections generated through our #Educonecta project, we have been taking our actions to the families supported by APAE Cotia, with the development of a free App.

Educ360° Academy

With the application of training focused on the corporate market, we apply the concepts to numerous segments. Students are trained so that they can act as differentiated professionals within a disruptive and highly complex scenario.

Our Actions

Educ 360° In the Media


Action Educ360 °, Easter 2020

Educ360 ° in a fundraiser for families during the quarantine due to Covid19.

SP2 Rede Globo

The connections generated during Educ360 ° actions increase the range of action and the social impact generated.


The action was organized by Educ360 °, which also donated virtual tutoring classes and school supplies for children and youth in the community.


A partnership between Educ360 ° and Apae de Cotia resulted in a solidarity action that will benefit 240 families.

Our Connections